The Shape of Things to Come

California Republic has now introduced triangular shaped pencils in our Golden Bear and Prospector product ranges. These are the first of what we hope may become an expanded range of triangular pencils over time.

The Prospector Trianguler HB 40 count tube is available in our Prospector Green color. This pencil is tipped with our standard round white eraser as is the green Prospector pencil in our standard hexagonal shape. On future option under consideration is a natural finish version without eraser, although we have no definite time schedule to add any new triagualr versions at anytime soon.

The Golden Bear Triangular HB 40 count tube features our orange and blue color combination in an attractive end dip. No eraser at this point though we will consider the future addition of a blue triangular shaped eraser version for the down the road.

Sorry to say we have no immediate plans to offer a triangular version of the Palomino pencil.

We do have a few auction items with special savings chances on a few items right now including this, this & this.

We also have a Summer Color Splash pencil promotion going on as well as the extension of our Soccer Mania promotion. So if you haven’t visited our Pencil World Creativity Store lately drop on by with any of these links.

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  1. jabbott
    jabbott says:

    The only triangular natural finish pencil I’ve been able to track down is the Mongol Trio, but it is an oversized model. I would definitely like to see the Prospector offered in a triangular shape and natural finish.

  2. TQuid
    TQuid says:

    In your ebay offering, the descriptions says this pencil features an eraser; I imagine this is just a “think-o” from copying form the description for the standard Golden Bear, but it “bears” correcting. Hyuk hyuk! Thank you. I am here all ze veek.

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