An organization and team dedicated to the amazing potential of wood cased pencils

California Cedar Products Company has an organizational structure designed to nurture growth focused on leveraging the company’s detailed market and technical knowledge of the global supply chain for the production and distribution of wood-cased pencils and related complementary products.   The company business unit structure is currently organized around three verticals throughout the industry supply chain.

An experienced Executive management team focuses on overall corporate strategy with primary focus on customer relationships and initiatives within the core Pencil slat business.   The primary emphasis of this group is on providing reliable and efficient wood supply solutions to pencil manufacturers on a worldwide basis.  Among these are the company’s premium range CalCedar®Incense-cedar slats as well as the latest slat product line the EcoSlat® Pacific Albus®.  This unit includes the company’s core slat manufacturing assets and expertise based at our wholly owned subsidiary company Tianjin Custom Wood Products, Co., Ltd., located in Tianjin, China.

Meanwhile, the newer Palomino Brands and businesses operate with a small, but highly entrepreneurial team focused on developing an innovative new set of products and services that build upon important supply chain partnering relationships and knowhow regarding the pencil, school, office supply and art materials industries.  This is a dynamic, growing team operating out of the company’s Corporate Offices in Stockton, California which is focused on applying the latest brand development, internet marketing and technology solutions to our industry.  The primary emphasis of this group is to promote and develop demand for wood-cased pencils and related complementary products, both within the company’s Palomino brand familyas well as the brands of our many pencil slat customers worldwide.  The unit also serves as a primary vehicle for fulfilling the company’s longstanding commitment to supporting Education.