CalCedar has been a reliable supplier of high quality products to the wood-cased pencil industry for 100 years

California Cedar Products Company is the world’s leading supplier of wooden slats used in the production of wood-cased pencils. Pencil manufacturers around the globe rely upon us to meet their wood supply needs in producing many of the world’s most important pencil brands.  From our premium CalCedar® brand Genuine Incense-cedar slats used in top quality writing, art and cosmetic pencils to a selection of alternate species options in EcoSlat® FSC White Fir & EcoSlat® Basswood, and soon our new Ecoslat FSC Poplar product range, we offer a reliable and consistent supply of pencil slat products.


California Cedar Products has 100 years of slat industry wood supply relationships and technical leadership developing the most advanced manufacturing processes and supply chain, including:

  • Integrative wood supply relationships and technical process knowledge from forest management, to the sawmill, and on through slat and pencil manufacturing assure the optimization of wood species selection, processing and technical product performance characteristics.
  • Strong assurance of sustainably and legally harvested wood through years of leadership in offering third party certified products such as FSC and PEFC.
  • The world’s most labor efficient and accurate thin-kerf circular sawing and saw maintenance systems used in slat production
  • Most accurate and consistent slat grade standards and performance in the industry
  • Our proprietary wood treatment and drying process assures smooth finishing and sharpening of the pencils as well as offering the highest standards of dimensional stability and product safety performance
  • Efficient automated final quality inspection and packing systems that assure accurate and consistent tolerances on product dimensions and moisture content
  • Our comprehensive Total Quality Management program throughout our wood sourcing and manufacturing processes set the standard in the industry

California Cedar Products Company produces all pencil slats in our slat manufacturing facility located at our wholly owned subsidiary company Tianjin Custom Wood Processing, Co. Ltd, based in Tianjin, China.  With 100 years wood supply and production expertise in U.S. West Coast forest regions plus over 20 years wood supply and manufacturing experience in China, Cal Cedar’s highly qualified management team and work force, state of the art production facilities and extensive focus on continuous improvement help to assure our customers’ wood needs for a wide variety of pencils are fulfilled.