The Pencil that started it all.

When they were released, the Palomino line of premium graded graphite pencils received heaps of praise thanks to their sleek look and ability to lay down a smooth, solid line. One reviewer was so pleased with Palomino, she compared them to the legendary Eberhard-Faber Blackwing 602.


At the heart of every Palomino pencil is one of the world’s finest Japanese-crafted graphite cores. This core is encased in Genuine California Incense-cedar and finished with a smooth lacquer, giving every Palomino Original pencil exceptional sharpening performance and the look of quality that has come to be associated with Palomino products.

Shortly after the release of its Palomino graphite pencil, Palomino introduced color and watercolor pencils. Then, in 2011, Palomino launched a luxury notebook range, containing hardbound and flex notebooks of various sizes and paper types, as well as the Palomino luxury sketchbook and folio.

Each Palomino notebook is tastefully designed to combine modern technology, premium materials from Spain and Italy, and traditional artisanship, perfected by generations of Turkish printers and bookbinders. Palomino aims to provide customers with the complete creative experience, from pencil to paper, cultivation to culmination.

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