Genuine Incense Cedar, the premier wood species for producing the world’s highest quality pencils

The company’s CalCedar® brand California Incense-cedar pencil slats have long set the standard for the industry’s highest quality pencil slats.  Our customers use these slats to produce their top quality cosmetic pencils, colored and graded graphite artist pencils and premium quality writing pencils. CalCedar® slats are produced using only “Genuine Incense-cedar” ® grown in the California and Oregon mountains under the world’s most stringent forest management practices.  The fine grain and other technical properties of Incense-cedar are ideal for production of high quality pencils including its smooth wood machining, excellent lacquer finishing and sharpening performance as well as high dimensional stability.


Always among the world’s most sustainable and soundly managed wood species from an ecological perspective, CalCedar®Incense-cedar slats are also available under both the FSC® (FSC-C010858) and PEFC® (PEFC/29-31-165)independent third party wood certification programs.   California Cedar Products offers Incense-cedar slat product mix and certification options to meet the industry’s highest standards as well as variety of pencil designs and functional requirements.  All CalCedar® Incense-cedar slat products are fully compliant with the U.S. Lacey Act as well as newly developing EU standards with respect to the harvest, production and marketing of legal, non-threatened plant species.  All CalCedar® Incense-cedar slat products are certified under the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) PMA Certification program and are fully compliant with highest standards of consumer products safety in the U.S., EU and elsewhere.

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CalCedar® and the “Geniune Incense Cedar”® mark are registered trademark and trade dress of California Cedar Products Company.