Our passion for innovation and wood-cased pencils drives our purpose to ensure success of all those we touch from tree to final pencil nub

Our Vision

California Cedar Products is the leader in providing innovative wood supply, product and marketing solutions and services to support the wood-cased pencil industry.  Our passion and commitment serve to assure a reliable, sustainable and growing role for pencils in the creative processes of artistic self-expression, education, and in written communication.

Our core purpose is to enable the mutual success of all those we work and interact with when it comes to their experience with our company and our products.  This starts with the forest land owner to our lumber suppliers; includes our employees and our industrial slat customers and the wholesale distributors and retail dealers who make sure great pencil products make it to the end-user.  Finally this includes the many consumers of pencils whether using one of the many world class brands of our pencil slat customers, our company’s pencil brands or buying these products from us on our Pencils.com store.  As a tool of self-expression and communication, whether you’re jotting notes at home or office, learning in school or creating art, music or literature we want you to have a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Our Values

During Charles Berolzheimer’s leadership, from 1927 until his death in 1995, his lifelong personal values were deeply instilled in the culture of our company. His commitment to provide employees with a safe, and intellectually stimulating environment, and his commitment to produce high quality products on a reliable basis are examples of such values.

Today, these values are embodied within the company’s Pencil Success Principles, a set of 14 core behaviors we routinely support and teach CalCedar employees as we strive for continuous improvement.  These principles apply equally to our efforts to build a world class, high performance company that is a great place to work as well as to our lives as members of our respective families and communities.