Our new Ecoslat® FSC® White Fir product range provides a new California grown certified wood alternative

Ecoslat® FSC® White Fir provides a grain structure and smooth finishing more similar to our Genuine Incense-cedar® slats than other wood alternatives.  However, it does tend to underperform  Incense-cedar in sharpening capability in finished pencil form and lacks the noticeable cedar aroma.

White Fir (Abies concolor) is an evergreen species native to Western North America and those used in this product range are grown in California forests and managed to the highest standards according to the California forest practices act.

Additionally this entire product range is certified FSC® Mix  under the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council and is the only FSC certified pencil slat product range currently available in the world-market for this species.   California Cedar Products company has

The Ecoslat® brand was established in the late 1990s to meet the industry’s growing need for pencil slats produced from alternative wood species as Incense-cedar experienced rapid inflationary cost and declining market share due to globalization and highly extractive timber resource practices of new wood supply competitors in Asia.  Ecoslat® product lines have been developed to offer “Eco-nomically” and “Eco-logically” sound high quality alternatives to a growing number of inferior species that have generally been poorly controlled from a quality, sustainability and ecological management basis, but do meet the growing demand for more competitive wood costs.  Ecoslat® is a registered trademark of California Cedar Products Company.

FSC® is a registered trademark of the Forest Stewardship Council and provides assurance that pencils using Ecoslat® FSC® White Fir slats meet the added social and environmental values assurance consistent with FSC standards.

White Fir