It’s amazing to witness how the simple gift of a pencil supports learning and creative expression.

The pencil is a universal tool and symbol of the education community around the world.  The wood-cased pencil is in fact the world’s most ubiquitous tool for handwritten communication.  Perhaps even for the process of learning as a whole.  Forbes Magazine even named the Pencil the fourth most important tool in the history of mankind.  All one needs to do is see the joy on a child’s face through the simple gift of a pencil in many developing countries and economically challenged communities here at home to realize the promise of educational attainment and self-expression inherent in the magical combination of wood and graphite.

CalCedar is committed to the advancement of education and the arts through the wood-cased pencil.

First, our website is not only a leading source of high quality pencils, including an educator discount to support teachers, but also provides educational content on the history, use of and manufacture of pencils.  Hundreds of thousands of teachers, students and enthusiast end users each year use Pencils 101 Learning Resources.  Additionally, both The Pencils Blog and Blackwing Blog provide fresh and inspirational content exploring the many connections between pencils in learning, creative expression and entertainment.

Since 2009 the’s Gift-in-Kind Program provides annual pencil and learning material donations to leading programs including Kids-In-Need Foundation and Pencils for Kids with over 1 million pencils donated to date.

Finally in 2012, CalCedar CEO Charles Berolzheimer II and his wife established the Blackwing Foundation providing their own annual personal financial commitment along with allocating a percentage of annual sales of all Blackwing brand products to the cause.  The foundation’s Ignite the Arts Grant program supports innovative music and arts education programs in partnership with great organizations such as Little Kids Rock and helps to fund other programs to increase opportunities for students to engage in art and music education at K-12 levels.

Pencils for Kids