New Tack for Those Palominos

We’ve been hearing from many of you that while you’re having a great time riding those Palominos bareback your comfort would benefit from a bit of additional accessorizing in the tack department. Well, we listened and here are some of our first accessory offerings includes two new unique Palomino items with erasers now available at our Pencil World Creativity Store.

First, our new Eraser Tipped Palomino HB is available initially as a 6 pack similar to our other Palomino items. Next, our new Palomino Deluxe Mixed Grade 12 Pack doubles up on the pencil count in our normal 6 count Mixed grade pack plus adds two new features: a hand held art eraser and our Deluxe hinged plastic case which provides a sturdy permanent stable for those Palominos and new accessories such as a sharpener and eraser. Quantities of both items are somewhat limited in these first offerings on eBay, but we have more replenishment stock on the way which is scheduled for arrival here in the US during March.

We also now have our first KUM sharpener offering at Pencil World, the KUM Metal Wedge Magnesium 2 hole sharpener. This simple classic wedge sharpener offering from KUM provides the option to sharpen both standard and jumbo sized pencils whether round, hexagonal or triangular in shape. This item comes courtesy of a barter arrangement on some GoldenBear pencils with our new trade partner who has taken on the full line of KUM sharpeners and soon will be adding a selected mix of California Republic pencils as well. During the Frankfurt fair I also met with our new friends from KUM and we have a few additional special sharpener items we will be adding in the coming month or so including some interesting bundled items. Although our KUM sharpener selection will be much more limited than the full range selection now available at we do think those sharpeners we will carry should complement our pencil range well.

We’re always looking at other Palomino breeding opportunities including more interesting tack items to add to our stable of Palominos and other California Republic offerings. While we we can’t offer today the breadth of range in tack items you might find here, we promise if you keep riding those Palominos and sharing your experiences with your friends we’ll be listening to your ideas and requests and working away at what we think makes sense for the long term.

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  1. frank c.
    frank c. says:

    I just placed an order on your ebay store for both items. Except for the Blackwings, nothing beats the Palominos.

  2. Steve L.
    Steve L. says:

    I just recieved the KUM sharpeners, great deal, quick shipping (sorry if it sounds like an e-auction feedback) all very nice. I’m tempted by the gold plated sharpeners on pencilthings.
    They’d make some great gifts.
    Also, I have a question. Eagle was such a great pencil brandname, but last I saw it it was on some extruded plastic ‘recycled” pencils.
    I’m guessing Sanford still owns the trademark? It would be fun if the California Republic could get the Trademark, and make a Palomino quality Eagle, in classic yellow, with eraser. Maybe only pencil geeks would get it. Oh well.

  3. WoodChuck
    WoodChuck says:

    Steve –
    Thanks for the positive feedback.

    The day I realized Sanford had converted the Eagle brand to plastic casing over wood cased it was like taking a dagger through the heart. Don’t think that I haven’t thought about licensing the Eagle brand rights before. Although I don’t know the yellow pencil is the way to go since they still keep the Mirado name. It would have to be something really unique and special.

  4. Steve L.
    Steve L. says:

    Well, I have a dozen Eagle Diagraph 817 No.2 pencils, with erasers, in their sleeve, unused. (picked up a flea market some years ago).
    They are quite interesting. They are round, with a textured finish, almost like a ‘grain d’orge’ pattern, and the ferrule has this pattern in the middle, instead of a band of color.
    Was the Diagraph a special use pencil? or just a variety in the family of Eagle Pencils. There is no special wording on the sleeve (unlike, for example, the reporter pencils, double ended and thinner, that are described on the box as being good for reporters…)
    hmmm, the Diagraphs that I have are a muted orange, that might be age. Anyhow, they aren’t yellow – They might look quite nice in the Palomino/Golden Bear orange….
    (quick google shows that you already mentioned the Diagraph back in august of 2005. )

  5. Pencil Revolution
    Pencil Revolution says:

    As much as I like their position on animal testing and a lot of their products, what Sanford’s done with their pencil line blows my mind. It would be really nice to get a special Eagle pencil one day:)

    I second the fast shipping on Pencil Things! I ordered late at night, and it shipped the next day!

  6. WoodChuck
    WoodChuck says:

    Steve –
    Eagle Diagraph pencil is one of those I was thinking of, I have them in my own collection. These old pencils actually have just a clear laquer and are darker in color since they used Eastern Red Cedar.

    Gary – Sorry, not clear on your question about our plastic 6 pack. We can deal with this via email at if you like.

    J – Thanks for the email inquiry. Should have your answers Tuesday and those Palominos on they’re way once you finalize an order. Liked seeing your sketches and am looking forward to what you can do with the Palominos.

  7. J
    J says:

    Hey fellas. Just wanted to let you know I got my order today, and from what little drawing I’ve done with them, I’m VERY impressed. The lead is buttery and very black but smudging isn’t overt. Great job.

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