Re-Creating a Lead Legend

Our hometown paper The Stockton Record published a front page article this morning titled Re-Creating a Lead Legend. The article includes an interview with me as well as comments from Doug Martin of the American Pencil Collectors Society and John Gamber of Pencil Revolution blog.

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  1. John
    John says:

    That article turned out very well! I like that a PENCIL is getting so much press in the age of Twitter. And, to be sure, it's good for all pencil fans that it definitely lives up to the buzz. : )

  2. Rider523
    Rider523 says:

    I thought that you'd be amused by a passage I came across today in Nabokov's last novel, Look at the Harlequins:

    "As I walked, I read those cards with you, at your pace, your diaphanous index at my rough peeling temple, my wrinkled finger at your turquoise temple-vein. I caressed the facets of the Blackwing pencil you kept gently twirling…"

    Which a read, realizing, after a quick check, with a Palomino Blackwing in hand.

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