Moleskine & Palomino

I’ve been travelling overseas to Frankfurt Paperworld show and now to our pencil factory in Thailand. Too tied up to get down to the detail in writing Part 3 on making a Pencil Revolutionary out of an Environmentalist. There’s also some interesting new pencil items I plan to write about from the Paperworld show. All this will need to wait till I get back home though.

In the meantime I thought I’d treat you to a few of the increasing associations between Moleskine and Palomino I’ve been finding on blogs, Flickr and the like. Thanks to A.E. Baxter for this first Palomino-Moleskine “glam” shot.

Nita’s talent is visible on her InkTracks blog where she drew this Moleskine using her Palomino Pencils. We’re glad she digressed from her wonderful color efforts to work in graphite for a few sketches last month. We’d love to see more.

I found this next link just today from The Fountainhead on the Flickr Moleskinerie pool. I don’t actually know yet if any of our California Republic color pencils were used in this drawing, but I couldn’t resist pointing this out. The pages include an interesting write up on the brief one month history of the republic and the mistaken design of the original flag of the California Republic which was supposed to be a pear, not a bear. Fortunately, we’ve outlasted our first month unlike our namesake. However the spirit of Captain Bartlett and those original California revolutionaries remains an inspiration for us here at California Republic Stationers. You may have already noticed that we’ve also encorporated this spirit into our Golden Bear brand which we think works out much better than the Golden Pear would have. Not sure the “Pear revolution” would have lasted even a week back in 1846.

Oh yeah, I’ve commented recently on the Pencil Revolution, but will mention this here also. Upon return from my current travels in about a week we will be listing on Pencil World Creativity Store our newest item the Palomino graphite HB with eraser which many of you have been asking about. Here’s a sneak peak.

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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! A Palomino HB with an onboard eraser!

    I used the Palomino for scoring baseball games last season and loved it, the only inconvenience being that I had to pack a Pink Pearl eraser with me to the game, which meant that to erase something, I’d have to tuck the pencil behind my ear, take the eraser our of my shirt pocket, erase, return eraser to pocket, sip my beer, then retrieve the Palomino in time for the next play.

    Now, I can accomplish all of that without the juggling act. I may not even have to put my beer down. Now if only opening day would hurry up.

    By the way, speaking of Palomino and Moleskine, I use a graph paper Moleskine as my scorecard notebook. It’s a match made in baseball heaven.

  2. Nita
    Nita says:

    Thanks so much for the mention! I love color, but find I get many, many more comments when I post a graphite drawing. My most recent one of a skein of yarn got 17 (not that I draw for comments . . . much).

    Love those Palominos!

  3. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    Giddy with excitement I am. Looking at the calendar I am. Like I said in the email, I think you did an excellent job designing this one. At the idea of an eraser on a Palomino, I was wondering if it might be dangerous to mess with such a perfect pencil. But ruin it you did NOT and make a wonderful sister/brother for the capped Palomino you did!

    Hoping you have a safe return trip, Comrade.

  4. WoodChuck
    WoodChuck says:

    Thanks Johnny. Just spent a good part of the day working on a product line review at the factory. We have more exciting Palomino and other goodies in store in the comming weeks so stay on the lookout.

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