Christian Tamburr performed with his trio and as musical director and producer for the evening of musical entertainment.

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CalCedar’s 3 Day Centennial event concluded at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe on June 29th at the lakeside Gala dinner titled “An evening of Magic, Music and Memories”.  Approximately 120 participants gathered among a lakeside grove of evergreen conifers for a most enjoyable evening.  Décor included excerpts of and several of a specially commissioned Centennial Pencil Display produced from Incense-cedar featuring pencils produced by a wide selection of CalCedar slat customers and table top displays with excerpts of the new company history “The Story of Cedar: 100 Years of Pencil Supply History”.  The cocktail hour featured the jazz stylings of longtime Blackwing featured musical artist, Christian Tamburr and his trio while magician Patrick Martin entertained guests in small groups before taking the stage to open the dinnertime show.

Patrick Martin performs magic with help of Mitsubishi Pencil Company Chairman Eiichiro Suhara.

Members of four Generations of Berolzheimers (CalCedar) and three Generations from the Weissenborn family (General Pencil Company) participated in the Tahoe Gala.

CalCedar Chairman and CEO Charles Berolzheimer II participated as magicians assistant and then welcomed guests thanking them for their participation and support in achieving this notable milestone. He pointed out that Cal Cedar is a relative newcomer to this list which included at least 9 companies in attendance that he was proud to count as customers who had already surpassed the 100 year mark.  CalCedar and the Berolzheimer family have now been working with many of these companies as slat supplier for 2, 3 and even 4 generations. It’s a remarkable characteristic of our industry that so many companies still have roots to founding family members actively owning and managing these businesses.

Willie Tea Taylor performing songs from his album Knuckleball Prime produced by Blackwing Music.

Following dinner the musical entertainment continued with Vice-President for Lifestyle Brands Grant Christensen introducing a special singer-songwriter set featuring Blackwing artists Willie Tea Taylor, who’s Album Knuckleball Prime was released in Blackwing Music in 2015.  New friends Johnny Irion and his wife Sarah Lee Guthrie took the stage next representing the strong cultural heritage of the Blackwing brand.  Johnny, is the grand-nephew of John Steinbeck and Sarah Lee, daughter to Arlo and granddaughter of Woody Guthrie.  This relationship developed from the 2016 collaboration with Thom and Gail Steinbeck in producing the Blackwing VOLUME 24 limited edition pencil which Thom helped design according to his view of his father John’s concept of a perfect pencil.

Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion perform her grandfather Woody Guthrie’s song “This Land is Your Land” to open their set.

The grand finale returned the Christian Tamburr trio to the stage backing world renowned vocalist and entertainer Clint Holmes who Christian has been working with as musical director since 2016. His outstanding show entertained all, concluding with a moving performance of “Hallelujah”.  The evening wound down with warm good byes and a few different after-parties including a beachside firepit songwriter circle featuring Willie Tea, Johnny, Sarah Lee and other songwriter guests.

Award Winning Vocalist Clint Holms performs the final set backed by the Christian Tamburr trio.

An idyllic lakeside setting provided the perfect ambiance for the Gala event.

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Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming Centennial activities and promotions as we bring the Centennial year to a close on CalCedar’s 100th Birthday on December 14th .