Centennial Pencil Display

During the research phase for the writing of our company history “The Story of CalCedar: 100 Years of Pencil Supply History” one of the interesting documents unearthed in our company and family archives was a 1905 patent awarded to Philip Berolzheimer for a series of creative geometrical shaped pencil displays.  These were developed when he had commercial sales responsibilities for the Eagle Pencil Company in New York.   The design concept included a variety of sectioned geometrical patterns which could be arranged together in basic shapes or more intricate combinations to produce a visually interesting display of pencils for retail merchandising purposes.

We decided to adapt one of these designs to make a total of 50 CalCedar Centenial Displays produced from blocks of Genuine Incense-cedar lumber.  The display features a 9′ round circle cut into four quarter similar to one of the designs in the patent.  Each full display holds a total of 172 pencils and includes a plaque with the engraving “California Cedar Products Company – 100 Years of Pencil Success stories – 1917-2017”.

At our recent centennial event we had several of these on display filled with a variety of Incense-cedar pencils produced from our slats by many of our long time slat customers.  These are being used as gifts to a group of select slat customers, company directors and shareholders along with their copy of the book “The Story of CalCedar”.   A few displays will also be used as prizes in upcoming contests planned at Pencils.com and for the Blackwing brand later this fall.  So keep an eye out for the contest for your chance to win one of these commemorative displays to hold your own collection.