Palomino fares well in Pencil Test

Recently I came accross yet another pencil bench test comparing various graphite drawing performed pencils including our California Republic Palomino 2B as well as General’s Kimberly and others.

Found this posted to our Palomino Riders group page on FaceBook by Tom Smolinski on his smomotion blog. Check out his animation demo reel here. Always glad to learn the Palomino has gained another fan in the animation and illustration community.

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  1. SandorMax
    SandorMax says:

    Just ran across this fantastic blog. Any recommendations on quality pencil products on the market today. I see mongol is no longer available. thanks – great stuff!

  2. Sean
    Sean says:

    I bought some of your HB's off your eBay store at the beginning of the year, and I got some of those fancy Rhodia pencils and then more recently I bought some recycled denim pencils off the Google online store.

    Your Palominos KICK the others. Seriously. I'm no pencil genius or anything but it's just sooooo smoooooooth to write with and comfy to hold.

    I find the Rhodia lead snaps a little if you sharpen it just a bit too much – I haven't had any of that trouble with your pencils.

    So, from some amateur pencil fanboy from Australia, a sincere kudos to you sir. Keep up the good work. When I need a new stash of pencils, I will most definitely be buying them from you.

  3. Futural
    Futural says:

    I'm waiting for the Palomino Blackwing -The Black Winged Horse- I want to ask you if Is it possible a synthetic lead I mean a polymer rather than clay and synthetic graphite rather than natural graphite?

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