Boing Boing Does Pencils

It’s nice to see the Palomino has reached Boing Boing’s famous directory of Wonderful Things with this post and link to Ninth Wave Design’s November post that anointed the Palomino Hb & 2B pencils as the successors to the famous Blackwing 602. It’s started a whole new range of commenting there at Ninth Wave. I welcome those of you who found their way here to Timberlines as a result.

It’s nice to see a growing group of new customers searching the Palomino out at Pencil World Creativity Store, Pencil Things and Ninth Wave Designs Online the current online sources for Palominos. I knew Boing Boing is big, but wow. We will be busy today & Monday packing up the orders. Thanks for trying us out. I hope y’all enjoy “the ride” and take a friend along with you.

If you like what you see and you’d like to see the Palomino get more established at retail please talk to your favorite art, gift, museum or small stationery shop proprietors. We have International Arrivals stocking some of our Palomino & Forest Choice items. They are set up to service these types of small independent retailers that typically want much smaller minimum order volumes.

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  1. Steve L.
    Steve L. says:

    Great news! But now the secret is out….. As for museum gift shops, one place that would be a natural is the National Building Museum in Washington DC, known for having the best museum gift shop in DC, (a tall order, with all the Smithsonians, the Corcoran, the National Zoo, Library of Congress, etc etc each having good gift shops…) If you get to DC, definitely try to interest them. Next time I’m at one of the above mentioned gift shops (I live near DC and do the museums pretty regularly) I’ll ask who to talk to about that kind of thing. Forest Choice would be SO natural (oops, bad pun) for the Zoo, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Palomino would be perfect for the National Gallery’s gift shop, and the Corcoran as well. Fahrney’s Pens sells the Faber Castell high end wood case pencils, the ones with the silver extender… They might consider the Palomino –
    And if you have time, on 12 and 13 August the Washington DC pen show is worth a visit,(Sheraton Tysons Corner VA) if only to network with all the high end pen sellers and buyers, and the subset of fountain pen collectors who also love pencils…. ( I’m not the only one, I think…) 😉
    Anyway, good news that word is expanding, and I hope the business keeps up. Life is too short to use cheap pencils… (Please, please, just don’t sell through Walmart….. ) 😉

  2. WoodChuck
    WoodChuck says:

    Thanks for the input. I know there has been interest by the National Gallery of the Arts. Though I don’t know the current status with this.

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