Timberlines Awakens

Given the encouragement from those who seem to think I have something interesting or original to say now and then I have determined to launch myself forth into the blogosphere. Whether I’m just listening to a group of sycophants feeding my ego or there really will be some value to any of our employees, customers, friends and any other crazy people like me interested in wooden pencils, the pencil industry and any other deviations I might pursue with this adventure, is yet to be determined.

The final impetus for me to get started was learning of the review our ForestChoice pencils had just received today on the Pencil Revolution blog. As it turns out we were also complementary catalysts for one another as Prevo’s decision to start his pencil blog was based upon whether or not we responded and sent him the sample pencils for his review.

I have resurrected the Timberlines name for my blog from our old company newsletter which went the way of the dinosaur about the time we decided to publish our first company website and make it available as an adobe download. This old rag was in it’s earlier days published by our HR department (also now gone the way of the dinosaurs) and featured most notably a series of travelogues written by my grandfather Charles during his travels to visit our customers around the world. While I can’t say I’ll be as entertaining as the family patriarch my most recent overseas trip did include an interesting visit with the Iraqi Minister of Education.

As I hope this will become an interchange with my readers I look forward to your comments to help keep me focused on what you find of interest.