Ecoslat Pacific Albus offers both economical and ecological values to support a variety of pencil product needs

California Cedar Products Company has applied our extensive knowledge about the processing of various wood species in the sawmill, pencil slat facility and pencil manufacturing to develop the new Ecoslat® Pacific Albus® product range to meet the quality and performance standards required by our customers for a range of products anticipated to be produced from this species.  This product range is considered to be comparable or superior to our Ecoslat® Basswood product range in most quality characteristics while offering enhanced environmental, social and economic performance benefits.


Slat Dimensions

Ecoslat® Pacific Albus® slats are currently available in our Standard Dimension product formats and 127mm memos consistent with our Incense-cedar slat product range with Special Dimensions available on a custom order basis.

Slat Grades

Pacific Albus® slat grades have been developed to concentrate on providing customers with an efficient and economical product range to be used in production of a broad variety of both high quality as well as more value oriented pencils.  Slats are available in both Mix and Utility grades in all widths.

Slat Stain & Wax Treatment

CCPC has adapted our proprietary wax & stain treatment and drying process to optimize the technical and economic performance of Pacific Albus® slats.  Developed through years of experience the process has been optimized to assure consistent wax and stain penetration, drying, and dimensional stability as well as meeting the industry’s highest consumer product safety standards.  This process is further fine tuned to each of the individual species characteristics.

Third Party Certifications and Product Safety Considerations

All Ecoslat® Pacific Albus® slats are certified FSC® 100% (FSC-C010858) under the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council.

All Ecoslat® Pacific Albus® slat products are fully compliant with the U.S. Lacey Act as well as newly developing EU standards with respect to the harvest, production and marketing of legal, non-threatened plant species.

All Ecoslat® Pacific Albus® slat products are also certified under the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) PMA Certification program and are fully compliant with the highest standards of consumer products safety in the U.S., EU and elsewhere.

Contact us at for assistance in determining the optimum species, dimensional and grade product specification requirements to fit your intended production and target cost requirements.