Palomino Riders Unite

I’ve been pleased to see the continuing keen interest and even adoration of our Palomino pencils from our customers. As one happy Palomino Rider recently said, “It’s the way the lead glides over the paper. Hmmmm…yeah, I know. I’ve got issues! It’s an addiction. But…they really do have a nice feel to them. I’m buying more!.”

Despite relatively little formal promotional effort in the past year we clearly seem to have a loyal and devoloping fan base for our product. Thus in order to support this I’m pleased to announce the formation of two new places that Palomino riders can check who else is in the corral and see just how they ride.
I’m talking about the Palomino Riders Group page on our new site as well as a new Facebook Group page as well. Here’s the chance to share your artwork created with the Palominos and show what those Palominos can really do. Whether you ride English, Western or bareback we want to celebrate your unique creative spirit and are sure other riders feel the same.

So we hope you’ll register at, join the Palomino Riders group, then create your own Palomino artwork gallery and upload images of some of your favorite artwork using Palomino pencils and post them to the Palomino Riders group. If you’re a Facebook member then we’d love to see you there too.
If you haven’t yet experienced the smooth ride, then come and visit these two sets of group pages and I hope this will get you restless as a wild Palomino to jump up in that saddle too.

The New

After several months of work I am pleased to announce we have completed our redesign project and have now re-launched our “Incense Cedar Institute – Pencil Pages” website under the new name This has been a project some time in gestation even since I first initiated my Timberlines blog a few years back and happily is now up and running as a Beta site which we will continue to work on improving and developing over time.

The new site builds upon the past purpose of the site as an educational resource regarding pencils, Incense-cedar, renewable resources and forestry management but adds to it a broad range of new features designed to help celebrate and share the role of the pencil in our world. If you are a pencil enthusiast, artist, writer, teacher, parent or student the new site has something for you. I hope you will check it out and join what I think will become an active and growing community. In particular we have initiated a Palomino Riders group page which allows you to share and post artwork created with your Palomino pencils or to form other groups and discussion forums on a wide variety of topics related to education, art, writing and even pencil collecting.

In addition to expanded educational content and a host of social networking and related tools on the site one of the key new features will be our Store. This store will supplement our existing Pencil World Creativity Store @ eBay and and offers a much more flexible on line shopping tool with quantity discounting, pencil points discounts that you earn through participation in the community as well as other features. We’ve already added an expanded range of new California Republic items not on eBay as well as new items from another pencil manufacturer with more to follow. Over time we’ll be expanding the product range available on the Store, supporting and promoting products produced by our slat customers that supplement and complement our own product range.

A number of readers continue to request more of my in depth posts on industry issues and there have been plenty of issues to write about, although I’ve just been too busy with other business matters in the last year or so and more recently in developing the site for this launch. Looking forward I plan to return to providing somewhat more frequent posts about issues related to Pencil Industry here on Timberlines which will also have a feed to a dedicated Timberlines page at the site. However, posts more focused on news related to our California Republic Stationers product developments and the store offerings will be moved to my WoodChuck blog on the home page. Thus the site will be updating much more frequently than Timberlines going forward.

For more information you can visit or for more historical background of the Incense Cedar Institute and website transition to you can read the CalCedar press release here.